Tuesday, May 3, 2016

4/4-4/10/2016: Dang cold...

"...we are going to be blessed for our desire to do good, even as we
actually strive to be so...
My brothers and sisters, the first great commandment of all eternity
is to love God with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength—that’s
the first great commandment. But the first great truth of all eternity
is that God loves us with all of His heart, might, mind, and strength.
That love is the foundation stone of eternity, and it should be the
foundation stone of our daily life. Indeed it is only with that
reassurance burning in our soul that we can have the confidence to
keep trying to improve, keep seeking forgiveness for our sins, and
keep extending that grace to our neighbor." (Elder Jeffery R. Holland,
April 2016 Conferece)

We went to the driving range for one last zone p-day to smack some
balls around. It was super fun, and if you look in the pictures you'll
see that I got to wear the "magical salmon pants" haha. Just some
pants that Elder Cobabe bought but didn't fit him, so he gave them to
me. they seemed to work pretty well, because even though we were
driving with wedges, I was able to hit a few to the 250-270 mark. I
don't know how good that is in reality, but it was better than any of
the other missionaries there haha. It was super fun, and the whole
zone acclaimed them to the "magic salmon pants"
After that we had a dinner with a non member, but we showed up SUPER
early so we decided to go for a little walk around the neighborhood.
As we did, this dude called us and told us that he wanted our
pamphlets and to learn a little bit about us. It was super sweet, even
if he was drunk haha. And then to add to that, the lady that he was
with was a super less active lady, who wanted to talk with us and
maybe get going to church again! Super fantastic!
We went to brother Gowey's that night from the house to save miles,
and as we got like halfway there it started POURING rain. I couldn't
see like 5 feet in front of me for part of it! And to add to it- there
were like 40mph winds starting to kick up (or at least that's what my
iPad said they were) and so it was flippin FREEZING!!! Hahah I've been
told you never know with Montana weather, and I guess I'm starting to
find out for myself.
I left my wallet in the zone van yesterday, and so we had to go into
Missoula at the beginning of the day to get that, plus there have been
some things I've been having a hard time with so I had the zone
leaders give me a blessing. The priesthood is great, works mighty
miracles in the lives of men! We had to run to Sue's after that to
help her unload more of her bins from her back room, which is making
slow but sure progress. It is good to see her making changes though.
Then we had dinner at sister heilisons, and she convinced elder Hansen
and I that we needed to do a special musical number in church, so we
picked one and then picked a date... Oh boy!
After that we didn't know what to do, so we walked around Clinton and
tried to visit a bunch of people. We ended up writing a dumb little
song about a potential investigator named Avalon- "Oh Avalon, oh
Avalon, just get thee hence from Babylon!" (Sung to oh, Christmas
tree). It was super dumb, but we had fun with it so I guess it worked
out lol.
Transfer week so there was no district meeting, which always throws us
off. Brother Hansen form the bishopric texted us and asked us to speak
on Sunday, so we spent a good chunk of time writing some talks.
Talking about repentance..... Oh boy. We got a call to head out to
East Missoula to do some service, so we spent a good chunk of time
walking out there and then vision some people along the way. We
stopped by a members house, who when hearing we didn't have a dinner
scheduled promptly invited us in to make dinner haha. Cool experience,
I suppose. We had tacos, but after we got home I found out that Elder
Hansen can't stand refrained beans, so I worked on my talk while he
made himself something else to eat. We got to ride the bus around for
a little bit, as the bus system in Missoula and surrounding areas is
free. So that was sweet, got to talk to some people. We then went out
to Missoula to the lemons- which was about as interesting as it can
get. The lemons seem to like to make fun at my companions, and so we
spent a good hour making fun of elder Hansen's idea of a "dwife" and
his other marital plans. It was super funny, and it seemed to brighten
the lemons day. Our surprise birthday gift to sister lemon, whose day
of birth we were not aware. Brother lemon said it was really good for
her, and so we were happy we did it!
Weekly planning- please no. We stank as usual at it, so we have a lot
of blank space in the week. Oh well, we shall figure it out as the
week goes on. We were able to do a companionship inventory and other
sorts of companionship stuffs, helping us work better together. So
that was super chill. Then we went to Sue for dinner and we had some
pretty bomb spaghetti. She is a good cook haha! Winnie was there too,
so we talked mostly with her. We ended up just talking about a bunch
of stories from the Book of Mormon and the bible- Nephi, Alma, Elijah,
Daniel, and all sorts of other stuff. It was pretty cool!
We filled up with gas today, and Elder Hansen started to pull the
lever before he put the tube thing in the gas tank- so he got gasoline
EVERYWHERE. Now the car smells like flipping gas, and we're both
terrified that something will blow up haha.
Had sick day today. My turn to be sick. Laid in bed all day, wrote my
talk a little, and had a few short lessons with some potential
investigators. I seem to be getting sick A LOT more often here in
Montanan than I ever had before.... Dumb cold.
We spent a majority of the day doing some service for some older
members in town, burning all of their loose pine cones and pine
needles. It was kind of cool, but it just dragged in forever!! It was
good though. We en went to sister Nichols and after a short lesson she
taught us how to sew on a 130 year old sewing machine. It was
intense... I was actually sweating towards the end of it. Elder Hansen
and I were still both sick, so we just went home and hung out again
for a while... finished our talks.
We spoke in church in Clinton. It was nice, although I don't remember
most of what I said haha. We wine to Seeley and taught a bunch of
people there, and we had some fun with bubbles. It was a cool day.
Drove on a weird mountain pass that not many people know exist.

Sorry for the lame email... Sick week and I got lazy again.

(Last zone picture for the transfer, at the driving range. The magic
salmon pants worked, plus I look snazzy haha
But really- from left to right:
Sister elision, sister cox, sister Adamson, sister dayes, sister
hodgson, Elder Muroe (in the back), sister freeman, Elder McMiller (in
the back), Elder Cobabe, Elder Delimata, Elder Hatton, Me, Elder
Hansen, Elder Ctockett. The YSA sisters somehow weren't in the picture
even though they were there with us; sister Harris and sister Adair
We were missing some of the sisters- Sister Shoemaker, Sister Decker,
Sister Crossland, Sister Holmes.

Suffering from multiple personalities this week. I'm losing track of who I am!!

A bubble.... IN A BUBBLE)

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