Tuesday, August 25, 2015

MTC Letter and Call from Billings

August 25, 2015: MTC letter

I got a call from Elder Wallgren's mission secretary yesterday. She let me know they had received his paperwork and had a couple questions about Braden and a couple about me. They wanted to double check that he has his driver's license and a copy of his health insurance card. Both should be yes, but I let her know if anything was missing, I would send them right away. Then she added that in the paperwork, there was included some lab orders from the doctor...for me! It was for an u/s and mammogram. She was very kind to not fall on the floor laughing. I didn't hold it together so well. Steve had just grabbed a bunch of papers sitting all together to mail as Braden left. I had been looking all over the house for those papers and had my dr's office reprint the blood tests needed. Sister Secretary said she would just pop those in the mail, back to me. I thanked her. (There's not much call for 19-yr-old male mammograms? Huh. Go figure.) She let me know that she would check with Elder Wallgren for the 2 forms when he arrives at the office next Tuesday. I didn't know that was his arrival in Montana date!  Woo hoo! I better get started on an email through dearelder.com soon,

We didn't open the mailbox until this morning. Steve brought Elder Wallgren's letter to me, as he woke me this morning. Yay! It's so nice to see his handwriting (chicken scratches) and hear about his first couple days. He entered the MTC on Wed, Aug 19th. The letter was written on P-Day, Aug 20th. It was a form, fill-in-the-blank for speed letter:

Dear  Parental Units,

Here's my first report home..please understand that it is brief due to the lack of time. I will be able to write more to you next Thursday on my Preparation Day:

My Branch Pres. is ________ of Branch 67. (Then names the councilors as well)
My companion is: (Elder) P
My companion is from: Mesa, AZ (fellow sun-surface dweller. Yay!)
While I am at the Missionary Training Center, my mission will be "Provo MTC."
My unit # is 67.
My address is: (Provo MTC address)
My Mail Box is 146.
My District has 10 Elders and 0 Sisters in it.
My P-Day is on Thursday (the only day in the MTC I can write/email.)

Quick note to family:
I'm here, I'm okay, I'm alive. Crazy stressful first couple days, but I'm slowly starting to get the hang of things. My companion has a great spirit that compliments mine very well. His strengths compliment my weaknesses very much. He and I are the only two with musical talent in our District, Zone and Branch! As such, we have been called as Branch Music Coordinators. My district is great. All of us seem to work well enough together that we learn so much! We have an Elder from Samoa in our district and and Elder from China in our Zone!

www.dearelder.com is a great way for you to email a written letter to your missionary. There is no charge and your missionary will receive a printed copy, delivered to his mailbox at the MTC the day you write.
So, info for MTC email:
Elder Braden Rex Wallgren
Sep 01 MT-BIL
Unit 67 Mailbox 146

I'm excited to find out if all in his District are going to MBM, or just English speaking missions. He sounds happy to have music as a part of his work in the MTC. All letters of encouragement are appreciated! Love that boy!


  1. Always fun to get that first letter home and find out the secret code in their address that tells you the day they fly out!