Monday, December 7, 2015

November 30, 2015: Fun Todo.... We're not in Arizona anymore!

11/23-11/29 2015
Mostly a bunch of random thoughts or stories this week.... It's like a
highlight video
We got to find out where everyone else was going. A lot of Elders
leaving! Our best friends over in Belgrade are leaving, and so we were
pretty sad about that, but we got to spend an awesome preparation day
with them! A little nerve wracking with the new Elders coming in- two
assistants to the president got released and are now serving in their
place! Haha a little weird, but I guess they are just missionaries
too, right?
I'm going to say.... Interesting experience at zone games. We had two
Elders start to wrestle over a ball during dodgeball, and one was
definitely bigger than the other. As such, he went too far without
really realizing it! This made the smaller Elder quite upset, upset
enough actually that he stormed off..... And then went missing!
Everyone in the zone spent 20 minutes scanning and searching the
church, and no one could find him! He didn't show up until about 3
hours later! Wow... Definitely an experience reminding me that we are
all still 18-21 year olds!
The cold is starting to kill me knees. It's bearable when I take my
meds, but as the dork-tard that I am I seem to forget more often than
After a little shopping at Walmart and dinner we didn't have much to
do, so we kept working our way down the ward list to help us find more
people and those that maybe need us!
Found an awesome wood chess set, but Elder Potter's not letting me use
it! Lol it's probably for the better. I got a little mad at him, but I
think in the end I was more annoyed at myself for doing something
dumb. Ah well. Se la vi!
Got to teach a lesson to one of the widows in the ward. She's pretty
shy, and really kinda keeps to herself and her few friends she has. We
went over planning to talk about some stuff that stake president talked
about, but the lesson went a little unexpectedly. We started to ask
her if she was doing the 7 things he asked...... And she was doing all
of them, perfectly. The lesson ended up being pretty awkward because
even as we would bring other things up, she would be doing them. She was
so obedient, and so humble about it! I think that lesson was meant more
for us than it ever could have been for her!
We went to probably the most sporty family in the ward for dinner.
Crap. Haha the discussion too, so many turns toward football and
basketball that I became completely lost! I can definitely see the
nerd in me comin out- almost 2 hours at their house and I was lost for
most of it? I'll not happily repeat that again!
We didn't have too many lessons scheduled in the evening/night after
dinner, so we started to sit make visits to members of the ward
council. We stopped in at the 2nd councilor in the Elders Quorum
Presidency's house, and he kinda sat us down and really just talked
with us about his life lol. Turns out is a state and national cow
auctioneer champion, and in the top 5 for the world! Wow.... Some
interesting talents out here in Montana! Haha
It's only getting colder and colder, and snowier and snowier. And more
and more icy! There have been pretty intense storm warnings most of
the week, and they are well placed! It is getting bad enough that
President Wadsworth sent a message to the whole mission telling
everyone that if we don't feel safe driving to stay inside until we do!
Wow...... Not like home!
Relief about home! Dad emailed me and let me know everything that is
goin on at home.... Definitely a relief from some stress there!
Met with a less active, slowly becoming more active member of the
ward. He's a pretty cool guy! He used to work as a manger at a casino
chain, so Sunday's were an issue. However, now he quit so he's getting
back to church as much as he can.
Me and Elder Potter kept laughing, because he seriously seemed like an
adult version of myself. He set up an Alienware network all throughout
his home, to all his tvs and basically everything in his house! He
played wow, Diablo, skyrim, LoL, and all those other nerdy games that
I hope to still be playing when I'm his age and retired!
He was a pretty awesome guy, and has done a lot in his life. He was
the head designer for all the decor at chase stadium- the bleachers,
the pool. The giant baseball, and all such things. WHAT?!
Haha it's a small world I guess!
The roads are starting to get super sketchy.... I'm so glad I'm not
driving! We drove all around, and it seriously felt like we were ice
skating at times!
We helped at the thrift store again today, and we got a few cool
trinkets and such. I bought a cologne bottle that looks like a bust of
Ben Frnaklin. Cuz... Why not?!
We dropped off a Book of Mormon to an investigator.... And she came to
the door wearing a shirt.
Only a shirt.
Yap we got outta there ASAP.
She had this on her car!

We had dinner with the Elder's Quorum President. This young girl we've
never met walked in in the middle of dinner...... Sat at the table,
and started eating.......
Turns out that is his daughter from his first wife.... So many things
confused me that night.
Stuffed full turkey day (HA I'm so funny)
The first dinner we went to was at Kelly Harmons, a recent convert in
the ward. We got to go over a little early and help them make stuff
and finish setting up and whatnot. While we waited, their
granddaughter pulled us over asking us to help her- and then she
proceeded to have us take the decorations off the tree, and on. Off
then back on, then take them off, etc. for TWO HOURS. Keep in mind she
was like....7.
Dinner was GREAT and some pretty awesome pies! (Nothing like home, of
course). After dinner Elder Potter fell asleep in front of the TV, and
for some reason I wasn't tired at all.... So I got to watch like an
hour of football. It was........ It felt wrong but I couldn't do
anything cause I tried to wake him up and he just kinda shrugged me
off... Oh well it is in the past I suppose! Cowboys v. Panthers. Good
game.... But I couldn't take it anymore when the halftime show came
on, so I woke him up and we left. Pretty good, got to talk to a lot of
the Harmons non-member family, and got to let them know that we
weren't as crazy as they thought! ;)
We had another dinner, also with the Harmons! Haha no this was a less
active couple in the ward, and they invited us over. He made some
pretty good ham, some really gross sweet potatoes, and some lemon box
pie that was good, but not as world famous as he claimed it was. Haha.
We talked for a bit, and got to spend a good a part of time chatting
and being around them. They had Hawaiian rolls- my new favorite!
Two lame games! First and only time to actually watch football on my mission
I really started to realize how cold it was- I accidentally left my
gallon water bottle in the car, and in the morning it was as hard as a
rock. All ice. It's too cold.
Traveled to Ennis, and got to tract in "hick central" as all the
townsfolk call it! Haha but yes I can see how Jeffers is that way! Got
my first door slammed in my face.... 6 times. And I think I maybe got
a gun almost pulled on me. Not quite sure, but i do know that we are
not tracting out there anymore!
Look what we found. While tracting! This was someone's pet... You
can't see it but it had a collar and a leash nearby and everything...
Pretty boring day........  All days in Ennis now that we don't have 
anyone to teach seem to be that way. 
There was a woman's craft bazaar thing that we got to go to. Pretty cool! 
Got a few Christmas presents for some friends back at home, for pretty 
cheap too! We got to help out there for a little with the history 
association and help them get the word and it about the new museum! 
Then we had pretty much the worst night ever.... We had 6 appointments 
cancel, and zero success in any sort of proselytizing, and the temperature 
dropped to almost 20 below!! Hard... Hard night. Haven't figured out 
what lesson I was supposed to learn, but I hope to soon!
Church was SUPER low attendance. 27 people. Man... A. Ranch is definitely 
different than home. We got to teach a lesson to everyone in third hour 
about who to use preach my gospel, and using it to help us preach 
his gospel. (oh I see what they did there!) good lesson, don't remember 
most of it! 
We got to have dinner with an awesome couple that just got back from their 
mission in Estonia, and man they are ready to preach to word to the 
people in Ennis! They already (being home for almost a month) have a lesson 
set up to have us teach someone in their home! Some people are just ready 
to go and do!  
The deer are getting crazy in town! I counted almost 47 in under 3 hours! 
They are getting so common that I'm beginning to not even notice them! 
It's kind of funny, actually. 

The weather this coming week: (take off 8-10 degrees for wind chill) 
Well that's my week.... Sorry if it sucks. I forget how to type some nights. 

Elder Braden R Wallgren
Montana Billings Mission
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Proverbs 21:19
19 It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.

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