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November 2, 2015: German, The drunk scientist, and Robin Hood

First off,
All of you that are praying for and supporting me, to have success on
my mission, I would like to thank you so much, and thank you for the
support that I am feeling! However, I would invite you to think about
the missionaries in your wards. Their family and friends are praying
for the same exact thing, to have success in their mission. YOU are
the answers to their family's prayers. Think of simple ways to help
your neighbors, friends and those whom you associate with. As long as
they are exposed to the Holy Ghost, questions about the gospel will
naturally follow. Invite the missionaries over for dinner with
non-members. They may not get baptized or take the lessons but over
time they will remember how they felt at that time. The field is
white, already to harvest. But we cannot forget that in order for
fields to be harvested, fields have to been planted. We should be
planters, fertilizers, and harvesters. These are all important for
people to come to know of the truth of the gospel. Plant seeds,
nourish them, and through constant, diligent work we can reap the
fruits of our efforts!

Productive preparation day today! Got lots of things done, even though
I still have lots to do! Workin on my Christmas presents for the
family (I hope they like them!), washed the truck, and went to get a
quote on the repair! $771 for that small dumb dent... What?! The
workers make $38 an hour for their "labor"... Man, that was kinda

Got to email a bunch of people personally today, even the few friends
that Elder K. Potter has set me up with from st. George. It still
feels kinda weird emailing them... Never really met either of them! Oh
well, it seems from what I have said to them that if we ever were to
meet in person, we would probably get along very well!
We went to go visit the lumber yard with President Thompson today, and
we got to visit NP. She seems really cool, and her son is
flippin awesome! He is almost 8, and he definitely already has a
testimony, even though he has only been to church like three times!
He's "read" (watched/listened to) the Book of Mormon twice already,
more than I ever have!

We went to TF's today, and began to teach him his new member
lessons. He is still a pretty stoic kid, so teaching with the spirit
is kinda hard. Also, his mom NEVER comes to church, so we are hoping
to fix that and help him a better example and become more in tune with
the spirit!!!!

I started the new language course in the iPad app today, and I guess
now I'm learning to speak German. Well... Fun stuff I guess! Only
takes my 5-10 minutes a day, and apparently I could learn German in
like a year! I don't know why I'm doing German, when there would be so
many other great languages, but whatever works I guess! Lol I'm weird

Hallo! Gute Morgen! Ich sprach vier litten deutsch.

Lol I don't know what I'm doing... >.< this mission thing is starting
to get to my head I guess! If I'm like this at two and a half
months... Imagine what I'll be like at the end of my two years, D:

Anyway, pretty good day, today was. Did A LOT. First off, we broke the
phone. Played hot potato with it while calling someone to set up a
lesson, and Elder Potter threw it a little harder than he meant to. As
such, it went fly past me, and ended up in two pieces in the floor.
Flip. Haha we called Elder Kay and our new phone is currently ordered
and on its way! I guess we'll just have to deal with the no phone
until Friday! Dang karma.....Besides that, we got to go help out Molly
a little bit, helped her chop wood for the winter, and boy is that 
hard work! I guess growin up in a little desert town I wouldn't have 
much experience, which became evident very quickly. No one got hurt 
luckily, but shoot we got darn close! Elder Potter says he would more 
likely trust me with a welding torch than an ax. I don't blame him! 
We got to teach Molly a great lesson after that, and got to talk with 
her a lot about her baptism. She says that she has a few people in 
mind on who might perform the ordinance, and that she was going to 
pray about them. I can't wait for the 14th, and I know that she's 
super excited also!

Found out that we have to be in By 6 on Halloween, so we are trying to 
find some either member or investigator to stay with! We have a few 
members in mind, and we hope that they will be happy to have us over, 
because we have nothing to do in our apartment but basically sleep, which 
is DEFINITELY not good to do for an extra 4 hours! XD

Besides Molly, basically all we did all day was tract. We ran into one 
couple who has rich Mormon Pioneer ancestry, and lots of relatives who are 
LDS. but for some reason they had no idea about anything in the Mormon 
church! Weirder things have happened I guess! We got to sit and teach them 
for a while, and we hope that maybe they will want us to come back to teach 
them more! 

District Meeting!

I lead a role play on how to begin teaching today, which was actually 
pretty cool! Elder Potter told me they felt the spirit, and that usually 
means success right? Along with that, I am also the assigned District pianist, 
which makes things interesting. I still feel like I'm not quite as good as 
I can be, but with someone like my dad to compare myself to, I'm never really 
going to be as good as I can right?! XD Haha, I know that I'll always have 
room to improve, and if I ever want to get better all I can do is practice right?

After district meeting, the day actually went pretty slow.... We got to Three 
Forks and just kinda sat around our apartment, trying to find more people to teach. 
We went through our digital area book, as well as the ancient paper records that 
we found in the apartment. We think we found some good people that accepted our 
message at one point in their life, and hopefully will still want it! 

Fun experience for the day-while tracting, we ran into a self-declared 
unaffiliated scientologist. 

What?! My thoughts exactly!!!

He told us what he was, and then proceeded to tell us that even though he was 
about a gallon of whiskey in, he would be happy to have us come in and "sell me 
your religion" oh man..... We didn't quite know what to do, so we went in. 
MISTAKE 1. He spent about and hour talking about the aloneness that each particle 
in the universe has, and how there is no way that we can know that there is a god, 
or where we are going after earth. He started talking about energy, perception, 
and the science of light and individuality. I felt so bad for my companion. He 
looked so lost. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he started talking about Vietnam, 
and how he didn't want to fight, and then long streams of cuss words and other 
profanity began to be said about President Nixon and the US army. Oh man..... 

We.... "Got a call to another appointment" and, so unfortunately, we had to leave. stuff.

After that the day seemed pretty boring. We got to go out with one of the priests, 
out to teach one of the elderly widows. She was pretty cool, and I hate to say it, 
but she was SUPER old. She had 7 great-great-great grandchildren. Flip. She has 
trouble walking, but that is really the only thing that makes her look anything 
close to her age! I have no idea how old she really is, but she comes to church 
every week in her scooter, and she usually bears her testimony every first Sunday. 
The faith of some people amazes me, how even through their trials, they do 
everything they can to follow Christ!!!

Pretty busy day today, so it seemed to go by SUPER quick! We got a lot done, and 
taught a few pretty solid lessons! 

Today was weekly planning day...... Those are always fun. NOT. We got a lot done. 
Again..... I hate em, but I definitely know that they are necessary!
After that we got to go help out at the thrift store, where we got some AWESOME 
things done, and as well saw some awesome jackets! 

Afterwards, we went to the food bank again and got to help move some stuff from 
the sketchy basement. No one came for a while, so the head of the department gave 
us some cleaning jobs to do, as there was no restock jobs to do! Haha my skills as 
a lifeguard came in handy!!! Not as a lifesaver, but as a sanitation worker XD 
It really made me realize that those weird skills came in handy when I was willing 
to reach into corners and empty mousetraps! Lol my companion, and the two lady 
workers in there were FREAKING OUT each time I opened one, and there were like 10! 
Man.... I guess when you deal with ghetto Phoenix kids in a public pool for a few 
summers, dealing with mice isn't that big a deal! I finally found the sucker.. 
In like the second to last trap! Lol he was definitely.... Very alive however! 
Haha it scared Elder Potter so bad HE actually scared me! Lol I closed the trap, 
but as it was a food place, we had to dispose of the animal! I picked the little 
guy up.... Mock threw him at my companion, (still getting crap for that today! Lol) 
and we did the most humane thing we could think to do to get rid of him (I'll spare 
the rest). Fun experiences I guess!

After that we went to Dorothy's to help her finish getting ready for her baptism 
on Saturday! We are so excited! We had one of the ward missionaries come with us, 
and boy can he talk. Flip Brother P.... We get it that you know a lot. But 
Dorothy isn't even baptized yet... Why does she need to even THINK about knowing 
about Kolob?! I don't think he's coming on splits again with us any time soon!!! XD 

Opportunity to teach a couple great lessons today, but overall it was a pretty 
slow day.... A few cool things happened, but the day seemed to drag on FOREVER!!!

First off, we got to teach Andy again, that littler kid that is in his way to 
baptism. We talked about the commandments, and as such I got to use the hand signs 
that I learned back at home! Fun little memory from home I feel is great to have! 
After that, we went to one of the members homes who was worried about an "evil spirit" 
contained within his house. With skepticism, we pressed forward ready to get 
stuff done! As we entered the home, something definitely felt off, but I don't know 
if I would have immediately identified it as an evil spirit, but whatever I 
had thought! After a few minutes of conversing, I definitely started to feel 
something not quite right about the home. It wasn't the members, it wasn't any sort 
of thing within the house, but there was almost a feeling that made us feel like 
someone didn't want us there, like something was pulling us out the door! Holy crud 
it felt weird! I don't quite know what it was, and still can't quite figure it out... 
But someone deftly didn't want us in that house!

Anyway... As we began to bless the home (through the priesthood in the name of Christ, 
of course) it seriously felt like there was a battle raging behind us. I could 
feel a tension rise as the prayer continued, and it seemed to get a little electric 
in the room! That same kind of feeling that you get when two people close to you 
begin to argue, like super intensely. This feeling continued for a little, but as 
soon as Elder Potter said- "in the name of Christ Our Lord and Savior, I bid any 
evil spirits away from this home" the biggest feeling of peace, warm, comfort, 
and love swept into the room, I almost fell off of the couch we were sitting on. 
I don't even know if I can explain it fully, but that is the best explanation I 
could come up with! 
Compared to that the rest of our day sucked! LolXD

We tracted for a bit, and ran into a VERY less active members of the church, 
who were super strong in the church except for two aspects- the didn't believe 
that God would ever separate his children into three places, and they didn't 
believe in the priesthood. Well.... While very carefully avoiding the subjects, 
we stayed for a bit and got into contact with them about going over and teaching 
them! The sister said that in order for us to come over again, we had to do three 
things- 1. Never even think about bringing up either of those two sore subjects(duh) 
2. Begin and end with a prayer (even more duh) and 3. We had to sing a song! 
My companion is SUPER tone deaf, and he knows it, so the look on his face was 
priceless! Me, being a Wallgren, am super excited for the opportunity to be able 
to share some of my talents in order to invite the spirit!!

After that was the trunk or treat, so we gotta wander around for a bit and see 
a lot of members of the ward! A few people not of our congregation were there, 
so we got to talk to them, and we hope that those may eventually lead somewhere!!
We got thrown in as the last minute judges, and that didn't go well. We had no 
idea what we were doing. We had 9 chili awards to hand out, and 7 pumpkin awards. 
We had so little idea what we were doing that even the Bishop had to get up and 
change one of the prizes... I think maybe it was cause we would have offended 
someone, but it just made us laugh that even as missionaries, we are still 19 
and often have no idea what we are doing!!

Even slower day than yesterday... Jeez!

Dorothy's baptism was today, and that was AWESOME!!! She was so excited, and 
seemed so happy to be finally there! I laugh kind of often at Elder Potter, 
when I probably shouldn't.. He got super nervous beforehand because he thought 
he was going to forget the words, and as an "experienced baptizer" (his words) 
I guess I knew what I was doing more than him.... Lol not really, but I think 
I was able to give him a few tips to calm his nerves. Nothing he didn't already 
know, just some things to remind him and help him stay calm!

Dorothy invited a friend, and by golly she is the stereotypical case of a 
nonmember at a baptism! Holy flip. She was in tears, on her knees asking God 
what the feelings she has were (in public , mind you, and out loud.... VERY 
loud) and by the end she was basically begging us to be baptized! 
Stacey.... My name is Elder Wallgren, and I'm a missionary for the church of 
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!! Lol she seems super ready! 

I love this area... So many people are being so prepared by the Lord! 
After the baptism we went and got our new phone, and as soon as we had it set 
up we got a call from the Rumelharts requesting our help in moving a few trees
that had either fallen down or where cut down... Not fully sure! The branches 
sometimes weighed more than I did, and more often than not they were definitely
bigger than I was! There was a few logs that, even after being hacked at with a 
chainsaw, the only hope we had of moving them was attaching a rope to the back 
of our truck and dragging it! It took us about an hour to get everything out of 
the street, and even after that they still had probably three or four days work 
left to do! We are planning to go help them out again, but hopefully after all 
our current cuts and scrapes are healed, right?! ;)

With it being Halloween, we weren't allowed to be out past 5, so we got to go and 
help another family in the ward lay some tile and some cement board type stuff 
down for the floors in their new house. All I can say for that experience is that 
flooring is definitely on my list of professions that I would NOT choose to do! 
It was nice to have the new experience, and nice to be able to help a family out 
in the ward! The dad of the family is the ONLY dentist in Three Forks, Churchill, 
Clarkston, Amsterdam, Ennis, Virginia city, and Manhattan. And as such he is 
definitely not short on funds lol. Happily though, he says he's going to call a 
member endodontist that might be able to help me figure out the slight pain 
I've been having in my root canal teeth. (Yes mom, I've been brushing and flossing 
everyday... He just says that it's better to prevent anything from happening than 
from having to deal with the consequences of it actually happening..... That, and 
it's free, so might as well take it while I can!) 

Normal Sabath day stuff....

We taught Stacey (the chick we met at the baptism) and that lesson went great... 
But nothing particularly amazing happened there.

We tracted for a while, found some less actives, & eventually we did go home to eat.

After we were done, it was was 5:30. And it was dark. What?! I dont get it.
Dang sun. Dang daylight savings time... Dang..... Dang. So tracting after dinner
was SUPER scary, and we were so happy when someone invited us in to warm up! We
got to takin to this guy (for almost and hour and a half actually) and found out 
that he is definitely a mountain man. He paints pictures on skulls, he makes 
tomahawks, and he is a world class archery champion! His wife makes quilts, and 
the two of them are AVID baseball fans! We watched a few minutes of the World 
Series with them, which was kinda cool. Then, he brought out his championship 
winning arrow shot. He might as well be Robin Hood! He shot one arrow through 
another arrow that he had just shot! Man.... This guy! We stayed and talked with 
him for a while, but after a while we had to leave and head home!

And then It's today! :D

Love you all, don't ever stop being you! 

Elder Braden R Wallgren
Montana Billings Mission
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

James 4:7
7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

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