Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 27, 2015: Late update

He DID write! Mom was just impatient since it didn't arrive until after 5pm.  :-)

Went and taught a lesson to brother B, which is always
interesting, as he seems to be the guy that talks just to hear
himself. Because his wife is not a member, we got to talk with her for
a while, and it gave us an excuse to watch a little baseball! We
taught a good lesson, but that's pretty much all we did today!
Went an taught Sis McG, which was very...... Interesting. She
knows she has a testimony, and that she has faith, but for some reason
she has no desire to go to church or to renew her covenants. We tried
to have her read about Christ's grace, but it seems like she is stuck
in the ways of not going anywhere!
We went back to the lady's house with the purple walls that we helped
take out, she needed a little more help with her roof. We got up there
started working, took a few pictures, and then almost as soon as we
got off the roof caved in... O.o We're both good... I think.
After that pretty much all we did was tract for a while.. Not too much happened.
We went around and helped some people in Three Forks, helped an older
lady move a few couches and a few shelves. That took a few hours, and we
eventually said we had to go cause we had an appointment. We got to
teach A, and set his baptismal date for Dec. 12! We're super
excited for him, and the choices he's making!
We had dinner with the family that had the lion dog, but sadly he ran
away... :/ still crazy hectic at their home though! We got to teach
them about the Book of Mormon, and we think we helped them grow!
Pretty boring day actually... We went to Helena for MLT (actually
happened this time lol) and spent most of the day there. All the
assistants to the president talked about obedience to mission rules,
and President Wadsworth talked about law of chastity. Exciting... Yet
very boring. We started to drive back but then found that someone hit
our car.... Shoot! Not that big of a dent, but is an issue in the eyes
of the mission home!

After that we got back to Three Forks and had a lesson out in Clarkston, drove an hour out there, then we had another lesson in Three Forks, so we drove and hour back. Too much driving! It was like 8 when that lesson was over, so we went to the volleyball   game where we found out that our girls rock! Won every game this year, most everyone  says they're a shoo-in for state! Awesome! 
We drove back to Ennis, where we got to volunteer at the Hunters Feed Festival! So    many people coming through before hunting season starts! We collected ballots for     voting, so everyone that was there talked to us at least once! It was great! We talked to about 150 people, and that's just a guess!! Awesome opportunity!
Developed a new lesson on the Book of Mormon... Cuz our old one sucks donkey. Then we taught it to some members, and they seems to really enjoy it!! Not much else happened.
Volunteered at the library, got to shelve books, clean windows, and even repair some  computers! Woo! Spend a few hours there, then we spent most of the day visiting member and less actives. Overall.... Fun, yet pretty uneventful day!
Our day was full of meetings, more than I ever thought was possible! I got called as  one of the branch organists, which feels weird. Oh well... I guess I'll do my best! 
Visited some more members, and nothing super special happened!
Sorry for the short, precise email.   Not much happened this week and I procrastinated till the last minute to write this so I'm in a hurry! 
Love you all! Send me any questions that you have, I'll answer them the best I can! Elder Braden R Wallgren Montana Billings Mission 2015-2017 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Enos 1:12 12 And it came to pass that after I had prayed and labored with all diligence, the Lord said unto me: I will grant unto thee according to thy desires, because of thy faith. Only through our desires and faith will we be blessed!

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