Monday, July 25, 2016

5/30-6/5 2016: TOUR D' HELENA VALLEY

I'm starting to think that Siri is done with my crap...

I still has no monies... And no monies means no shopping. Plus, it was
Memorial Day so like all the thrift stores and other things were
closed. (It took us like and hour to figure out what day it was. Being
a missionary is weird...) So we ended up just going to the church
SUPER early to chill. It was like 2 hours until anyone else showed up
ahaha. We played a bunch of podball, and even a good amount of

I gotta give a shout out to Elder Potter for the help with ball. I was
able to block like 12 shots in the little like 30 minute game we
played, and I made like 4 3 point shots.
I felt so good to finally not STINK at the game. It was cool.

ANYWAY. It being a holiday, the high councilman over missionaries
invited the whole zone over for a barbecue, so that was a bunch of
fun. We played some ultimate frisbee, and we even got to talk with a
few non members that they invited. After that we had a lesson with a
recent convert in the ward, but it really turned into Elder Merrell
talking with them for an hour while her kid came and showed me EVERY
toy in her room. EVERY. TOY. She seriously kept going for an hour,
bringing one toy out at a time, and even as we were leaving she was
trying to show us more. It was super cute, but also pretty weird. Made
me laugh!
After that neither me nor Elder Merrell really had much motivation to
do much, so we just kind of wandered in the car for like an hour. We
didn't want to try to find when our hearts weren't into it. I feel
kind of bad about it, but I guess it's whatever.
We biked... And biked... And biked.... AND FRIGGIN BIKED. We parked
closer to the center of our area and biked around all day, looking for
people and trying to find everyone on the list of people we had to
visit. We biked back up that dang stupid 4 mile hill. The ride down
is freaking fantastic. We cloaked ourselves on the speed thingy on the
side of the road going like 28 mph! It was great.
Later that night we were able to visit with a part member family in
the area, with the best license plates ever-
They had a tan car and a purple car. IT WAS THE BEST! Hahaha then we
went in and they were watching Star Wars episode 4, so we talked about
that for a while, and we were able to transition it into the gospel.
It was cool, and we are kind of sad that they are moving so time in
the month..... Sad.
District meeting today was sweet. We have two elders in a super far
outlying area, and so we had to use Skype and FaceTime to be able to
include them. One of them gave a discussion, which was super cool.
Talked about how alight switch works, relating it to our testimonies.
We went to Panda Express after district meeting with the elder from
Townsend. I cam to the stark realization that Panda Express is
definitely NOT my favorite. Basically I guess it's just Chinese food
in general. I dunno why, but it just kinda... Isn't.
We taught a few families in the evening, the Soules, the Williams, and
the halls. They were cool lesson ones because they reminded me that I
really am good at and loving teaching children. I seem to be able to
connect a little easier with them than with adults. (Maybe it's my
child-like mentality... But I guess we'll never know!). We also had a
sweet miracle-
So we went to the Williams, ready to teach and everything, but they
weremn't home. :( so we decided we'd try back in like 30 mintues or
whatever. So we started biking down the street to see if we were to be
lead anywhere that we needed to be. Well as we were riding around, we
heard a super loud voice yelling, "ELDERS! ELDERS COME HERE!" Turns
out it was a less active member who needed helping moving some things
form her truck to the house. She had hurt he back doing it, so she
needed us to come help. It was sweet that we though we were just
wondering, but we definitely were not! We set up another time to give
service to them (more for taking out/putting in new floors... Why am I
getting a lot of that recently?) and to come over and teach them. It
was GREAT!
As we started biking home, the Oldroyd family was on the side of the
road and called us over to check out their new house. Turns out that
they actually wanted to talk with us about their neighbors, who they
have been talking with about the church for like the whole time their
new house was being built. That family is super cool! They have one
son of a mission, three daughters (17, 14, and 12) and then two more
sons that are 9 and 6. They just moved here from Utah like a month
ago, and they are some of the most missionary minded people I've ever
met in my LIFE! They seem to have the attitude of like, "well,
everyone back home was Mormon, so why not try to make everyone here
the same!" And I just cracks me up that like everything they do is
focused on trying to get other s to come to the gospel. They are DA
Weekly planning took up most of the day for a few reasons- 1. We kept
getting interrupted. 2. We had to go get a piece of our car fixed so
we had to drive out to the missionary car couple for the zone. 3. The
sister were there with us, so they talked with us for like and hour
about a possible hike for preparation day. We didn't end up getting
done with planning until like 5:30, and then we ate and we got out of
the church! We were SO DONE with being there ahah. We drove up to a
neighborhood (we call it the bird cage, because all of the streets up
there are named after some bird) and we tracted, visited less actives,
and we just kinda hung out up there all night. MORE FINDING!!!
We visited a less active sister in the ward I the morning, sister
reyant. Well the lesson we had didn't go the way we planned. We wanted
to talk about church, but it ended up being a therapy session about
the mental and physical issues she is having. We talked about eh
struggles of this life, and about how in reality, the point of this
life is for us to be beat up so that we can be better in the next
life. She liked the scriptures in Abraham 3 about being proven in this
life. It was nice to help, but also felt kind of weird because she
just like opened up to us even though I had literally NEVER seen her
We biked up and down Applegate hill again, visiting people in that
area some more. (That big 4 mile his is called Applegate hill I guess)
The only lesson we had was with an investigator that previous
missionaries found- Corey Hansen. We talked with him about how tithing
is important, and how going to church is one of the best things you
can do to receive strength from the lord. It was a sweet lesson.
So I think Corey gave me the thing he was sick with. I got up in the
morning and just felt like the Wardells carpet used to smell like- the
inside of a septic tank. So Saturday and Sunday were Boeing and sick.
Church was cool. Things were cool haha. We had a sweet visit on Sunday
with some formers where we talked a lot about the Air Force and stuff.
It was cool. It made me laugh that even when telling some of the
stories I had from working at the pool, these army guys were shocked.
"No one should see that crap man!" *censored*

Only in Montana do you get to a stop sign on your bikes and see this

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