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6/13 - 6/19/16: MOVING into summer

"Have you ever opened a box of parts, pulled out the assembly
instructions, and thought, “This doesn’t make any sense at all”?
Sometimes, despite our best intentions and inner confidence, we
pull out a part and ask, “What is that for?” or “How does that fit?”
Our frustration grows as we look at the box and notice a disclaimer
that says, “Assembly required--ages 8 and up.” Because we still don’t
have a clue, this does not boost our confidence or our self-esteem.
Sometimes we have a similar experience with the gospel. As we look
at some part of it, we may scratch our heads and wonder what that part
is for. Or as we examine another part, we may realize that even after
trying hard to fully understand, we just can’t figure out why that
part was included.
Fortunately, our Heavenly Father has given us wonderful
instructions for structuring our lives and putting together our best
selves. Those instructions work regardless of our age or circumstance.
He has given us the gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ. He has
given us the plan of redemption, the plan of salvation, even the plan
of happiness. He has not left us alone with all the uncertainties or
challenges of life, saying, “Here you go. Good luck. Figure it out.”
If we will only be patient and look with a humble heart and an
open mind, we will find that God has given us many tools to better
understand His comprehensive instructions for our happiness in life."
(Dieter F Uchtdorf, Our Father, Our Mentor, June 2016 Ensign)

Even if at times it doesn't seem like we have "directions" for life,
they are ALWAYS there. The scriptures, the prophets, and all the words
we receive! All of these are given to us to be able to figure out what
we are doing in this life. If we follow such instructions, we will not
only be successful, but HAPPY in the life that we are living. The
success we feel isn't always the way the world may define success, but
we will always feel satisfied.

I know that our father in heaven loves us, and that he only wants the
best for us. He is ready and willing to help, all you have to do is

We spent most of the morning wandering around hittin up the thrift
shops. I got a few ties, a frank Sinatra CD, and a cool tie hanger
thing, and spent like $4! (I was told I can thank my mother for my
deal-finding skills.)
After the normal podball and other activities, we went back into town
to go to Mackenzie River Pizza, a SUPER good pizza place. It was
expensive, but we were lucky enough to be able to have some members
pay for us. We went to help out with a move of a member after dinner,
and there was a bigger turnout than any service project I have ever
seen. There was probably like 50 or so people that showed up, and even
though we filled almost 7 trucks, it only took us like 2 hours to load
and 45 minutes to unload. It was super cool!
We had interviews with president Holmes in the morning, then a lunch
and little zone bonding time. I have had like 8 interviews with
president Holmes, more than even elder Raymond who's been out for like
19 months. I really love him, he's given me a bunch of cool advice.
After interviews we wine to the car body place and we got a quote for
the dent. For just running over a little rock on the side of the road
(okay so it wasn't so little) it cost just over $3,000 to get it
fixed. Really helping me realize that cars are expensive.... Giving me
a great appreciation for the money that it really is.
We headed back to the house after we got the quote to finish our
planning, as we weren't able to finish it last week. We planned for a
little while, and then elder Merrell planned for district meeting. We
had to rush to a lesson when he got done, to go teach Corey. Had a
super good lesson there, and we were able to set a date for Baptism
with him, as well as find out that his wife is interested!!!!! Super
Then we went and had a cool lesson with Daniel, resolving his weird
concern, as well as talking about the plan of salvation. He seemed to
really like that!!
We think that as Daniel was remodeling his house, there must have been
some sort of mold spores or something, because both elder Merrell and
myself were feeling SUPER sick. We tried to do district meeting, but
by the end of the meeting Elder Merrell was SUPER pale, and I felt
like I was going to puke. It was not fun....... So after district
meeting we picked up some ginger ale and then laid at home for the
rest of the day. Watched like every video in gospel library.
We felt a lot better after a good night's sleep, so planning was
pretty good. We had a lesson with a less active, when we worked with
her to begin towards the temple. She was happy that she maybe could
work towards being with her family, which made us happy that we
someone new to work with!
We had a ward potluck out in the mountains, with a SUPER huge turnout.
We got to talk to a lot of people, and when we sat down the only table
left was with all the deserts on it, so that was pretty cool- I only
gained 15 pounds!
After dinner we had another less active lesson. We were able to get to
know them, as well as set a reoccurring lessons with them!
We had our 2nd move after that lesson. We helped an active member move
all his heavy stuff. Washer, dryer, three dressers, tool cabinet, two
couches, and two freezers. Dumb. It took a while, but it felt good to
Move #3! Way too much stuff.... Too much heavy stuff. They had three
horse trailers full of randomness, including two of the heaviest
couches I've ever tried to lift. Stupidity.
After the move, we headed out to Lincoln for an exchange (sort of- we
both went). We spent the first while helping out at a garage sail,
then we went to dinner, then we tried a few people. Rough work in
On the upside- we did make some ties!!!!! Now we have ties that we can
wear knowing that WE made them!!!!
There was this big annual garage sail in Lincoln, so we spent most of
the day there wandering around the sales. I bought a knife, but BY FAR
the best find was...A FEZ   It was great. 

After that we went to lunch at a local diner. There was oddly a member
from our ward walking out as we walked in, who paid for our lunch!
Elder Merrell laughs because I am DIRT POOR right now, he says- "Elder
you must have some dang good faith for the lord to provide for you
like this!!" Makes me laugh!
We headed back to our area just before dinner, where we went to a
wedding reception for some local members. It made me sad.... Reminded
me that I missed my sisters wedding :( oh well, it's past, no point
dwelling, right?
We spent the rest of the night tracing in the mountains, walking up
down out and around the hills. Fun night!
We almost missed sacrament meeting- we had to help sanitize the
nursery- there was some sort of sickness going around with the kids.
It felt weird just spraying down the toys and making them at least
sort of clean. The hydrogen peroxide in the cleaner made out hands
super white, for eh rest of the day.
We got a referral from the elders in Townsend, so we went and visited
him he's an older guy, who we have no idea whether he is REALLY
interested or not. Good lesson, though.
I had to practice for the upcoming mission tour, I'm accompanying
elder hasnen and others. Excited.... But nervous. Had dinner with the
relief society pres, then a last minute correlation meeting with bro
Strang. Good week!

MOVING into summer... Get it? Cuz we did a lot of moving? And it's
summer (officially) today?

I'm funny.

Didn't take a ton of pictures this week.......... Sorry

a sweet house with a huge garden we tracted

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