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October 19, 2015: The Lion, the Witch, and the Anti-Mormons (catch up)

So the title is very appropriate, and we will find out why later!

No questions this week for me to answer- gee thanks!
Lol I Kidd, I know that with the wedding going on, and with all sort
of family in town, emailing isn't something that is super urgent.
Don't worry too much about it!

No snow yet, as many people I'm sure are wondering. The members in our
ward do tell me that is is weird that we haven't seen any snow yet,
and that we will definitely see snow before the end of the transfer.

A lot happened this week, so here we go!

Had our district leader come by, and we got to walk around and do some
stuff with him. Fun preparation day, got to hang out with the zone and
play some kickball, dodgeball, and then some bball. The day ended with
a baptismal interview for Kelly which apparently lasted like 4x longer
than an interview is supposed to.... Whatever I guess. We had to take
elder Demile back to Belgrade after the interview, and because it ran
late, we didn't end up getting home until like 9:50. Wow. It felt
definitely different not being within the Lord's standardized schedule!
We many....

We headed over to Ennis, not really knowing what to expect. We tracked
for a while, and we met some people. Nothing really went anywhere, but
we felt good about some of the people we talked to....
On our way we got a call and found out that someone we had tracted
into came to church! No one asked them to, but we left a pamphlet at
her house, and she ended finding out where the church met. She went to
a testimony meeting, and she LOVED it. She said she wanted to feel
loved again, and wanted to know what the people there knew! We went to
teach her, and she had a Book of Mormon, true to the faith, and a
restoration pamphlet. All of them were either read or in the process
of being read, and before we even started the lesson she told us that
she wanted to be baptized. O.o We didn't quite know what to do! We
were so excited, confounded, and dumbstruck that neither of us taught
very well in the lesson! We are so excited for M and the things
she is ready for, and her baptism in November!

We did lots of service, going around in Ennis to find people to teach
and serve. We happily got to help at the food bank, as well as helping
the police department! Besides, that, not too much happened.

Weekly planning.... Yay.
We planned, planned and then planned some more. After travel back to
Three Forks, we sat at the church for like 3 hours planning for the
upcoming week. However boring it is, we know the weekly planning is a
great and necessary thing.
After that we went and helped at the food bank in Three Forks, then we
went to the gift store to help there. Service day, it seems. I bought
a new suit, and a new photo album, for $1!
We went out and visited a member family with two sets of twins, an
autistic son, a Down syndrome daughter, and another set of twins on
the way.... O.o They also have a dog that I swear is a LION. He
probably weighs more than I do, and is probably bigger than me also!
He has his hair cut to look like a mane, and he scared the crude outta
me when I first saw him. If I see him again, I will attempt to get a
picture. All the pics I got were only partial, I was never far enough
away to get a full picture!!

Kelly's baptism!
We were so excited for him and the decision he made! His whole family showed up (not one is LDS!), as well as his wife's full LDS family. We felt a great spirit there, and we could tell that he loved being there also!
He is an amazing man who we can tell is going to be a GIANT in the gospel!
The witch came at Kelly's house after the baptism. We were walking toward the house, and they are working on haunted house for Halloween, so we tried to prepare ourselves. We didn't enough. Sister H (his wife) jumped out from he bushes with a witch's costume on, probably the only actual witch's costume I've seen in a long time, and scared the snot out of both of us.... I'm glad we have to stay inside for Halloween.
Friday we basically knocked doors ALL DAY. Fun, depressing, exiting, boring, discouraging, inspiring day, like any day full of tracting is. Went to the Hs for dinner.... Probably remind me the most of our family. They own their own piano repair company, their sons are OBSESSED with Roblox, their older son plays nothing but portal, tower defense, as well as making his own game. Don't mimic out family in numbers, but definitely in personality!
We went tracting around their house, and we ran into this guy who invited us in, and began to just talk with us....... I'm surprised it took us almost 15 minutes to notice the picture in his walk of Joseph Smith.... Covered in swear words, what I hope was fake blood, and worn so much that I looks like darts had been thrown at it for years..... Flip. He saw us looking at it.... And then said "Yeah, I'm surprised y'all didn't see it before. Get the h#^^ outta my home and say hello to the devil for me." ... That happened. Wow. Okay. Apparently his great, great, grandfather was one of the people in the mob that killed Joseph Smith. Oh flip. We got outta there faster than you can probably imagine!

Saturday was a fun day! We went out to Clarkston, which is a huge town with little people. The town has about the same population and Nephi, but is about the size Provo, only a little bigger. We wandered around there, trying to find something to do, and we did!
We drove by this poorer family in the ward (not going to include their name for privacy) whose house burnt down about 18 months ago. After about a year, Authorities got involved and without revealing too much, they basically needed to build a new house or they weren't allowed to live there anymore. They own like 40 acres... So they sold some land and began to build, about 3 months ago.
We went out to help them build! We did so much.... We spent almost 9 hours there helping! We moved insulation, he gave me a nail gun and I began to put on some floor boards..... And it was high enough that he wouldn't let me do unless I was harnessed in! O.o The nail gun was definitely a new experience, and definitely something that I found out I'm not good at! Then we did the same to the roof, threw some sheets of wood on the bottom of the roof. We then moved the insulation again, this time laying it on the roof. Again... We needed to be harnessed into the roof, scarier this time though, because if we fell we just went off the roof. Then we layer the top boards and finished the bottom layer of the roof. I only cut myself once, which for those of you who know my track record, that's actually not bad!
This is it two days later... And it's really not as bad as it looks!

Sunday we went to church. Got a new Elder's Quorum Presidency, as our previous one was almost completely inactive. I in fact had not seen anyone in the presidency at church except the 1st councilor in my whole transfer! So I feel like maybe having this new presidency will help the ward a lot! After that, we just kinda tracted, taught a few members about the Book of Mormon and stuff. Not much success, but I did meet some one who just got out of basic training for the Marine corps, who actually knew David Roberts! Wasn't interested in the gospel AT ALL, but he seemed to love talking about hunting and the army!

Today was lots of fun, again went to Bozeman to play around with everyone in the zone. I'm slowly getting better at ball sports, I actually made 15/20 free throws! My companion, being the basketball "star" that he is, has decided that he cannot have a companion that was bad at the sport as I was. He has been coaching me, and actually helping me get better at the game!
We went to Walmart, and I bought some watches.... And a few ties. I'm spending too much money.....
We went to Burger King for lunch, and a random person (we think is a member) came up, told us to put our wallets away and obligated us to let him pay for us! Wow... I've only ever heard of that happening to people! Really cool!
Now we are on our way to Ennis, and we have planned tonight to make some visits to less actives and some investigators with one of the older members of the ward. Wish us luck and I can't wait to hear from all of you soon!

Elder Braden R Wallgren Montana Billings Mission 2015-2017 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints D&C 100:5-6 5 Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; 6 For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say.

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  1. Such a small world! Keep up the great work. Never refer to the Marines as Army :D Love you!