Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015: Pictures

*Mom's Note: I think he's getting even. With his sister's wedding on the 17th, we've been playing catch up all week. No updates this week, but several pictures. (I'll include a couple of pics from wedding, too...just for the curious and time line for Elder Wallgren when he returns.) Bozeman.
Just me in a roof...that is just about to cave in.
Apparently, when you get bored on Sunday, you chase your companion with the car!

Woke up one morning and saw this. We got a little worried.

Walked outside to wash the car this morning, then saw this: 

A few wedding pics:

Mr. and Mrs. Belmonte

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Wedding Dinner. Notice the trees in the lights on the wall!

Princess Alexis.
(Bye, bye Tomboy!)

Cake with lights!

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