Monday, October 5, 2015

October 2, 2015: "Golfing" For Investigators

This is fall, in case those of you in AZ have forgotten.

Ha! I'm so funny

This weeks email is gonna be short... I don't have a ton of time today sorry!!!

Lol some things happened this week, some more thingy than others...
Some more stuffy and than thingy, but nevertheless they happened!

I'm just gonna copy my journal that I'm keeping in my notes (laziness
for the win!)

Preparation day today! We had a pretty relaxed day, I watched videos
and wrote emails for most of our preparation time! Like I said, pretty
relaxed! We went over to Sister b's house in Virginia city and
got to help her clean out her garage a little bit, specifically by
moving a really old, dusty, mildewy, all around gross couch. There was
a dead bird on one of the couch cushions, and yeah.... Elder Potter
actually threw up a bit. Fun experience! Sister b said we get
to come back next week hopefully to help her finish tearing down her
shed and to build it back up to become a great man cave for her
husband! I can't wait to see some great results from the work that we
get to do!
After the service there, we went to EO's house for dinner. We got there and she made us change and wash her car before we could eat! Laughing, we washed her car and then we got to have some great steaks that she gave us. She seems to be a real nice lady with a real sensitivity to the spirit, just only if she could recognize it for what it is! I hope the lord will help us in helping her! As we left, she gave us two more big steaks, some pork chops, some chili, crackers, cheese, spaghetti, sauce and $50! We tried to deny it all but she wouldn't let us leave without it! Really cool lady that we can't wait to see again!

After that we went and saw TM, a recently baptized 11
year old. He is slightly autistic, and to be honest, I probably taught
him better than I have taught any adult! Something with how I teach
seems to work better with the learning disabled and the younger
kids... Makes me wonder what I should do as a profession..... Either
way we were able to teach him the plan of salvation and draw him a
great picture to help him understand the great things that God has in
store for us! I know that even though his physical mind might be
different, his spirit needs all the same kind of nourishment that we
all do! Remember, the worth of souls is GREAT in the sight of God!
Today was a bit boring, didn't get to do too much. We tried to set up
meetings with the names that Brother B gave us, but none of them
seemed to be solid! The work seemed to be goin slow, but I know that
if we go forth with faith we will be able to conquer all!!!!
We went to SS's house for dinner, and I'm not going to lie,
her daughters were pretty people. We taught what I thought was a good
lesson, but Elder Potter didn't think it went as well, Se la vi I
We spent a lot of time attempting to get more referrals from ward
council, and I know that Elder Potter is definitely helping me learn
better on how to work with the people here, and how to meet the Lord's
standards! Even if the days may seem slow I realized today that
transfers end in just over 2 weeks! What?! It is not seemed like 5
weeks, even if the days seem to last FOREVER!!!!!!
Zone Meeting: Last week
District meeting today, and a great one at that! We had to travel all
the way from Ennis to Bozeman, and that trip is always something
different! Lots of cool mountain scenery, and lots of cool places that
I would someday like to visit. District meeting was great, and even
though I was nervous not only because I play the piano for the
district and zone, but because I had to lead one of the role plays
that we were doing! I learned a lot on working with the spirit through
the Book of Mormon, and how to help people make and keep commitments.
Our district leader Elder Demile gave us a great discussion on how we
can better fulfil our purpose of being out here, and how every day we
need to try to do something better, wether it be obedience or
listening to the people we teach. Definitely an impactful meeting!
Afterwords my companion and I, as well as the Belgrade 1 Elders went
to Olive Garden and pigged out on breadsticks, soup, and pasta! Great,
great companionship unity not only in my companionship but in our
district was built through something as simple as a lunch together!
After lunch we drove to Three Forks, and after being there for about
20 minutes a member called us, and asked us for a blessing because her
husband wasn't home and her son isn't old enough to have the
Melchizedek priesthood yet. Oh heck yeah! So we went over to her
house, happily, and asked if I could do the blessing! I'm going to be
honest, until this point I guess I was always trying too hard to
discern needs, and not letting the Lord work through me. But today, I
basically zoned out when I began teaching, and I learned real fast
that all I was at that point was a vessel for the Lord to use to bless
this sister! I basically stopped thinking about anything, and then
words just came flowing out of my mouth, and... I actually didn't even
hear my own voice there for a little bit! Oh man! I don't remember a
thing said, but I know that the sister felt the spirit as well as we
did if not better!
After that not much happened, but we were able to go to Brother
R's and begin to create a list of all the less actives in the
ward. We got about half done and had about 107 names! Wow! Lots of
work to be done!
Cool day today! Got to do another movie marathon training session with
Elder Potter, and even if it seemed like we were slacking we seemed to
get a lot done, and I seemed to learn a lot! My companion is teaching
me a lot and helping me progress as a missionary more than he even
Weekly planning went well, especially as we prayed for inspiration
each and every step of the way! We seemed to be able to fill the week
a little faster and with less doubt as we worked to know the things
the Lord would have us do.
We got to go help at the food bank today, and got to go down to the
nuclear basement shelter thing again. Yeah, it's still just as
frightening! We got to do some great work over there, and we got to
definitely show some people that we are only there to serve them!
With conference coming up this weekend, we have been thinking about
making some flyers to send around to hopefully invite some people to
see the words of the prophets!
With wind chill, it's about 10 degrees colder!

...and brings fog.

We got to teach the Hs today, and not only that but we got to
have dinner with them and meet their daughter! She's a really cool
person, and I mean I know that her dad deciding to be baptized has
definitely touched her heart! We invited him to ask a question before
conference and listen for his answer... And we hope that the Lord will
provide as he acts in faith!
Sister H gave us some haircuts. My first one on my mission! She
is great, and I actual,y really like the way she cut it... Just enough
to style it, but not so much that it's crazy nuts in the mornings!
Fall is really starting up in here!

Fun day today! We got to have another fun movie day with our training
videos, and another day full of learning! We studied ways to find
today in PMG and decided that we would try a few new things- random
service, missionary firesides, and talking to EVERYONE that we may
meet! I have faith that as we try to do more than just tracting, the
Lord will bless us in our efforts!

We got to go do some service today, raked a lot of leaves in a few
yards today. We filled 15 bags full of leaves! It's been so long since
I've gotten to play with leaves that I even forgot how annoying they
are to take care of! Oh well, we got to do some service for a few
older folks today, and it all ended well for us! We felt great and we
knew we were doing a good work!
When we finished serving, we went to go tracting and find some more
people to teach. We knocked. Doors today without any luck, but we did
place a lot of cards and let everyone know we're only here to help! We
also got to go inside a non-member's garage and see "Jim's house of
horns" aka the coolest thing ever:
Over 16,000 horns collected over about 60 years. Lots of memories with all these I'm  sure!! Cool, cool, cool place this Three Forks place is!
"House of Horns"

We then went to the dinner with the Hs, and we attempted to teach them about member   missionary work, but idk how successful it is. Either way, I'm happy that they were at least a little willing to help the work progress!
On our way home, Elder Potter and I began to talk about fun things we did back home,  and I quickly found out that he was one of those immature jokesters who seemed to find fun in the dumbest, most redundant things ever. Oh boy, how was I going to deal with that?! I prayed at that moment for some help. I needed it. I wanted to love my        companion. I asked the Lord for help. At the exact moment I said amen, Elder Potter   asked me this- "Why do you think the Lord made me your trainer?" I knew that that was the answer- the Lord blessed me! 
Besides that today was pretty chill and not a ton happened! 
General conference today- always fun times! Learned a lot, and I've made some goals to help me be a better missionary. I hope that by keeping these goals (thinking about   everyone, and EXACT obedience) I can better progress the work and do he things I need to do to get done what the Lord needs me to do! Then, and only then, is the Lord going to work along side me, multiplying my efforts and pushing me along in the things that need to be done! 
Having increasing amounts of trouble with my companion as he seems to not realize that his version of "having fun" while on your mission is either talking about breaking   rules, or breaking rules. We always complain about having nothing to do and I think it may be due to our lack of obedience and lack of consecration to the Lord. I have set aside, paid for, and been set aside for these two years as a complete, devout servant to the Lord, and I need to treat my time here as such. Anything that I may be doing   now that is going to keep me from doing anything that the Lord may need me to do! I   hope that, by the grace of Christ and by and through his pushing arm with me will work to help me bring many souls unto him in my area! 

Elder Braden R Wallgren
Montana Billings Mission
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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