Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sept 1, 2015: Billings Bound!

Sweet call from Elder Wallgren today. Mostly, he talked about logistics.

There are about 30 of them headed to the Montana Billings Mission (MBM) today. There are only about 4 missionaries from his District. Everyone is busy at the payphones calling home. Our Elder Lifeguard was able to reach both Mom and Dad, seperately. Dad had to call back. When he got someone to answer the payphone, they were able to find Elder Wallgren. Dad and son had a good talk. It's not the same as talking to Mom. He feels VERY ready to get out into the mission field and work.

After a couple of details about what's going on here at home (wedding, Kacy leaving for MTC) I asked about MTC life. His companion is great about helping him stay focused when it's time to study. Braden says they have a bout 5 hours of study time each morning. It's hard to stay focused after about and hour and a half. But his companion is great to keep him motivated. We're both grateful for that blessing. He's been able to help his companion to set aside doubts and move forward. It sound like Elder Wallgren uses the "Gibbs head smack," lovingly of course (from NCIS), then reminds him why they are there.

 I told him we miss him. Church just isn't the same without him here. He received the package I sent, which he thought was fun. "But I can't wear the socks, Mom. I LOVE them. But they have to be plain, solid colors." Oh. Well...it's the thought that counts. Whoppers, sour candy, black ace wrap, RX sunglasses, Avengers band-aids, pens and blank note cards. Sounds like a Mom Package, huh?

His suitcases barely cleared the weight max at 50 lbs and 49 lbs. Whew! I think there's money in his account for that, though. He knows his keys for the locked suitcases are somewhere in his carry-on, but no idea where. (Yup. Same old Lifeguard Baby Boy.)

When he heard I was at the doctor's office, he said that my incident with the mission secretary was funny. I told him I didn't think that she would be forgetting his name any time soon. He giggled and agreed. I said we miss him. I asked what he misses most about being home. "No offense, Mom, but listening to music." He has been grateful for his MTC calling as Branch Music Coordinators with his companion. It means he and Elder P get to rotate who plays piano for meetings and who conducts. They were able to convince their MTC District to sing a special number this past Sunday. Elder Wallgren stood on a chair in the back to conduct. I'm impressed he thought to stand on a chair to make sure they could see him. He has been very grateful that he can play prelude and postlude music. It has helped him a lot. He wasn't sure, but thought that Elder P might play cello, too. Nice!

He concluded that he misses us all, but very ready to get started with the work ahead of him in Billings. I'm so proud of my little "eager beaver." Go forth with faith, son! Our prayers are with you always!
Here's the latest email and snail-mail addresses I have for him in Billings. I think it's the mission home, so not sure about when he receives those packages and mail. Email should get there and he'll be able to read on P Days.

Elder Braden R Wallgren
1848 Rimrock Rd
Billings, MT 59102

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