Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015: Lost & Found Puns

The lost letters from the MTC arrived...postage due. It made me laugh that in this technical day and age, we don't teach our kids about postage and how the post office works.
Dear Family,
I hope you guys are coming along just fine without me! (even though I doubt it.) 5 days into the MTC and I've learned more than I ever thought I would be able to in this amount of time. The spirit that I have felt here is something that I hope to never forget, and something that I would wish for every soul on the earth. I know that missionary work is ordained of God, and that he will support anyone willing to open their mouth. I hope all of you will strive to spread the word to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.
Inside this envelope are letters for each of you in which I hope I will be able to touch your hearts and help each of you grow closer to Christ. I know that the love he feels for all of us cannot be quantified and is ever increasing.
With these letters and my simp testimony I invite you to read section 100 of D&C and remember what the Lord promises you if you will remain faithful as I am gone.
Remember that I am always just a prayer away.
With love,
Elder Braden R. Wallgren
Today, updates and pictures!
Found this in our apartment in Ennis.... He's about as big as the palm of my hand (we measured him.... From front to back he's about 1.5 inches o.o)
I walked out of our apartment in Ennis just     after lunch today and saw both a jackrabbit and some deer... So I thought I'd take a picture!
I learned a new pun! :D

A teacher one day asked one of her students what the symbol for the chemical makeup of water was. 
He then answered- "h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o"
confused, she asked to clarify- what did you say?
Well what makes you say that?!-the teacher asked
The student said- that's what you told us it was! H to O!
Here's a few missed experiences I think would be cool for  you guys toknow and to share with everyone! (I might have  said some of these, butI thought I'll say all of them just in case) On the ride from Provo to Billings, the travel    leader of our group gave us a challenge: every one of the  30 of us had to hand out a Book of Mormon either in the    Salt Lake airport, on the plane, or in the airport in      Billings! He gave each of us a Book of Mormon, & basically set us free to go spread! I found a man sitting near the   smoking area and could tell that he was debating on whether ornot he wanted to go in and smoke. I took the opportunity to talk with him about how God could help him quit, & gave him the Book of Mormon for help! It was quite easy to     place, and I'm super happy that I was able to have the     spirit with me and be able to teach, even with no in-field experience!
Then, while in the plane, I was able to sit next to a heart surgeon,
who actually specializes in pacemakers and congenital heart defects!!
I was able to strike up a great conversation with him about you guys at
home! He seemed super surprised when I told him that all four of us
boys were born with heart defects and asked in awe how my parents were
able to get through it without depression..... If that's not the lord
screaming at me with a missionary opportunity I don't know what is. I
told him that even though we were scared as Carson has gone in for his
surgeries and as each new boy was born with something, having the
church in our life has helped us know that even if they didn't make it
we would be with them again and be eternally happy with each other! He
then began to ask some questions about the plan of salvation, why I
was going to billings, (which lead to A short conversation about the
restoration of the gospel), and a little bit about commandments and
obedience. I got off that plane and felt like a million bucks! I gave
him a pass along card and then invited him to go to and
search up any other questions he had and maybe even have missionaries
come over! I felt absolutely amazing.... But then as I left, I swear I
saw garments under his shirt. -_- well.... He was a great role player
then... At least I got a little bit of practice right? Lol whether or
not he was a member doesn't matter, I know that the lord put him in my
path so I could gain confidence in my ability to talk to others and in
my ability to spread the word of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

My first day in the field was kinda nuts.... Sept 3 and everyone had
to restrain from calling me a greenie (according to the mission
president, no one is a greenie here in The MBM). I had a baptism on my
first Saturday, a set of two brothers that were 9 and 11, but because
they were taught everything before I was there didn't feel much of a
connection with them. funny thing is, we showed up to the Baptism in
the morning, and I found out I had to give a talk about the Holy
Ghost..... Hit the ground running I guess >.< So I gave a small talk
about the Holy Ghost being a map, and then moved into talking about
something that I don't remember what I said, but apparently it was
awesome and great and meant a lot to the people in the room. The
spirit works real strong in missionaries I guess!!!!!!!!

This past week I've had a couple really cool ones, but I think I'll
save those for my normal mass weekly email!
Elder Braden R Wallgren Montana Billings Mission 2015-2017 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

*My first baptism! (Second really but this one  was a bit more    meaningful)
His name is Talon, and he's a    GIANT. He's only 13, in eighth   grade, & he can bench like 250lbs... And he's bigger than I am.

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  1. It is so good to see the Spirit working through you Elder Wallgren. We are so very happy that you have had such great experiences so early into your mission. The Lord will bless you as you live and strive for the spirit to be with you!! We will get a letter out this week. Did you get our first card/letter?