Monday, September 21, 2015

September 20, 2015: Surprise Visit!

Mom received a text from a good friend in our Taylorsville, UT Ward saying she was in Montana for a reunion and ran into Elder Wallgren! How exciting. She sent several pictures and stories. I won't include host family and apartment, for privacy reasons.

From Sister Manwill:

Grandma Wallgren told me he was there. Brother Manwill looked online and thought maybe he'd be in Ennis, but when I saw the Elders at the parade, I was pretty sure it was Braden! The Elders both got to talk for a minute at church yesterday since the youth speaker didn't work out. I probably shouldn't have grabbed their arms, but I'm Grandma. They could have been my grandboys!

Three Forks is a town of tree-lined streets 

This is part of Main Street.
The Golf Course.

On the side of a home in Three Forks. Sacajawea and birds. Lewis and Clark came through this area.
I was the only LDS person in my class of 30 students, in Jr. High. There are lots of denominations in my class, but with a common Christian denominator. As I visited with classmates at the reunion, I loved the faith and gratitude they freely expressed in conversation. As they told about their lives, difficult and happy times, they told how blessed they were and how grateful for Jesus. They were kind, so warm, so friendly, which was amazing, especially since I only attended their school 6, 7, 8 grades, so they didn't know me well. Back then, they even were kind to the kid who got the worst grades, who was poor. They have taken care of this guy as a brother. Even the most popular kids were always kind...still are. During the parade, as we rolled down the street, a classmate pointed out to the the Mormon Bishop with 10 kids. (He knew the Bishop's name!) He pointed out the missionaries and one or two other Mormon people. I asked about his church too. I had a hard time driving away from Three Fork yesterday! I don't know if other classes and the younger people are so filled with faith and positive attitude, but I'd love to be a missionary in Three forks, and figure out how to add to the fantastic faith in the Lord that they already have. I think an important attitude for us LDS members to have is to know, to acknowledge in conversation with these people, that they are incredible, that we are fellow Christians.
Thanks, Sister Manwill! Your pictures and words have brought this Mamma Bear so much joy today!

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